Month in a nutshell: February 2023

Let's take a look at what happened in February: 12 new lesson plans, 1 teaching tips blog post and hundreds of survey responses with feedback from you Read More

What makes a successful ESL role play?

Take a look at the tips for a successful ESL role play to see what to do before, during and after a role play to make the most of it.   Read More

How to make our students practise writing in English

Read about a few ideas on how to make students practise writing in English and integrate it seamlessly into their lives. Read More

Year 2022 in a nutshell!

We want to update you on all the amazing things that happened on ESL Brains in 2022 and share with you a couple of achievements. Read More

How to practise irregular verbs through speaking

Read about some ideas of practising irregular verbs that will help your students remember them once and for all. Read More

How to navigate ESL Brains website

Check our tips and guidelines on how to browse ESL Brains to find the lessons you need in the easiest way possbile and discover new lessons. Read More

Tips for teaching advanced ESL students

Advanced ESL students aren’t always super fluent in English and confident about their language skills, and they all have different strengths and knowledge gaps. Here are some tips on how to make their learning experience more enjoyable and rewarding. Read More

Introducing ESL Brains Speaking Class worksheets!

Your students want to speak English but you struggle to find good (if any) ready-made speaking lesson plans. Sounds familiar? In that case, the new ESL Brains lesson format might be a game-changer! Read More

New e-lesson plan design is here!

New e-lesson plan design is here! It's more functional, clearer and more appealing. Read more about the changes in our blog post. Read More

Creating fun ESL activities with TV series

Why not use your students' favourite TV shows and create fun, engaging and more memorable ESL activities? Discover Olia's low-prep tasks ideas based on TV series! Read More

ESL Brains community recommends…

Ever wondered which lessons other ESL Brains teachers would recommend? We have, so we had a closer look at what was trending in the first half of 2022, and created the list of the most popular lesson plans. Read More

Outside-the-box ESL homework ideas 

Instead of giving your students pages of exercises, use these ESL homework ideas to help them make English their own. Read More

Tools for teaching engaging online classes

Technology can help bridge the gap between offline and online worlds. We simply need to equip ourselves with tools for engaging online classes. Read More

Infographics, mind maps, cartoons and other visuals for teaching English

Visuals not only spark conversation, but are also a great lesson intro idea, can be used to raise interest, teach and practise vocabulary, or support ideas in a debate. Read More

How to teach grammar in a fun way

‘Grammar is fun!’ is not something that English teachers often hear from their students. But it doesn't have to be like that. Read to learn what we think you could do to teach grammar in a fun way. Read More

New lesson categories: Lifestyle and Grammar

To make browsing our lessons easier, we have decided to add two new categories to the website search filter as well as introduce a completely new filter. Read More

Speaking activities for teaching conversational English one on one

If you’re looking for some new ideas or activities for teaching conversational English one on one, these tasks will definitely inspire you. Read More

Five no-prep speaking fluency activities for ESL students

Whether you teach low-level or advanced students, use these five speaking fluency activities to help them communicate better in English. You can use the activities as warm-ups, fillers, and whenever you feel that your students (and you!) need them. Read More

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