Month in a Nutshell: June 2024

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June was a busy month at ESL Brains! We published new lesson plans on fascinating topics, from negotiating conflict ⚔️, to crowdfunding💰, to renewable energy ☀️

Anyway, keep reading to learn about all of June’s lesson plans! 

June in a Nutshell

We published 12 new worksheets💪, including:

FREE lesson plan:

  • Food is more than just fuel

    B1/B2 students students discuss the health impacts of food, practise nutrition vocabulary, watch a video about the effects of foods on sleep, and talk about food labels and philosophies.

PREMIUM+ lesson plans ($6+):

  1. Agree to disagree? Negotiating conflict

    C1/C2 students discuss conflict narratives, resolution tactics, and conflict styles. They learn collocations, discuss statements, analyze scenarios, and listen to a podcast.

  2. I’ll do it better next time

    A2 students practise using ‘will‘ and ‘won’t‘ to discuss everyday situations and express promises, offers, and decisions. They examine situations and create dialogues using pictures.

  3. What to do when you’re stressed

    A2 students talk about how to stop worrying about problems and discuss stress issues. They watch an advice video on the topic and practise advice structures.

  4. Food is more than just fuel

    Our free June lesson plan in the e-lesson plan format for teaching online.

UNLIMITED-only lesson plans ($12):

  1. It’s such a lovely place! (so and such)

    In this A2/B1 Flipped lesson, students talk about traveling, watch a video, and practise ‘so’ and ‘such’ structures. They share experiences and discuss travel options.

  2. The fastest shoe in the world

    In this C1/C2 Speaking lesson, students explore sports technology, regulation, and ethics. They watch a video about Nike, and discuss the future of sports technology.

  3. Journalism and the news

    In this B1 lesson, students talk about journalism and news. They practise vocabulary, watch a video, discuss the challenges of being a journalist and read about authentic journalistic cases.
  4. When exercise meets cosy…

    In this B2 Speaking lesson, students discuss health and fitness trends and self-care rituals. They watch a video about ‘cosy cardio’ and share personal experiences

  5. When crowds fund your project

    In this B2/C1 lesson, students discuss crowdfunding and related scepticism and myths. They learn vocabulary, watch a video, analyze campaigns and create projects.

  6. Rule of three: third spaces

    In this B2 CRC lesson, students read an article on third spaces and discuss the concept. They consider some third spaces and their features, utilize relevant vocabulary, and take a quiz

  7. I get electricity from…

    B2/C1 students talk about energy sources, production, and consumption. They watch a video on renewable energy and practise relevant vocabulary

  8. Are you ready to go? (preparing for trips)

    An A2/B1 Speaking lesson on travel experiences and and preparing for trips. Students watch a video on packing advice and discuss travel problems and solutions.

We hope you enjoy last month’s materials. Leave some feedback in the comment section under the lesson plan posts or drop us a line 🙂

BTW, if you want to access our premium content, subscribe to one of our plans. You can unlock over 600 lesson plans and worksheets (including flipped lesson plans) as well as their e-lesson plan versions for teaching online, and get access to our Speaking Class and Critical Reading Club worksheets.


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