Infographics, mind maps, cartoons and other visuals for teaching English

Visuals not only spark conversation, but are also a great lesson intro idea, can be used to raise interest, teach and practise vocabulary, or support ideas in a debate. Read More

How to teach grammar in a fun way

‘Grammar is fun!’ is not something that English teachers often hear from their students. But it doesn't have to be like that. Read to learn what we think you could do to teach grammar in a fun way. Read More

New lesson categories: Lifestyle and Grammar

To make browsing our lessons easier, we have decided to add two new categories to the website search filter as well as introduce a completely new filter. Read More

Speaking activities for teaching conversational English one on one

If you’re looking for some new ideas or activities for teaching conversational English one on one, these tasks will definitely inspire you. Read More

Five no-prep speaking fluency activities for ESL students

Whether you teach low-level or advanced students, use these five speaking fluency activities to help them communicate better in English. You can use the activities as warm-ups, fillers, and whenever you feel that your students (and you!) need them. Read More

How teaching with authentic materials benefits your students

Real-life resources can be successfully used both in ESL lessons and outside the classroom to develop students’ language skills. Read how authentic materials can benefit your students. Read More

Year in a nutshell!

Goodbye 2021! Let's recap what happened in the last 12 months on ESL Brains and there's been a lot going on with almost 100 new lesson plans being published from Jan to Dec. Read More

ESL Brains Critical Reading Club is now here!

Some of you might be familiar with our Critical Reading Club (aka CRC). The idea behind it is that students read an article before the class and then discuss its content and share their thoughts in the classroom. Previously, we published posts on our Instagram but now it's here! Read More

Six no- and low-prep vocabulary revision exercises which make students think in English

Discover six simple revision ideas you can use at the beginning or end of a lesson to consolidate your students’ knowledge and make them feel more confident about the vocabulary they learn. Read More

Getting started with ESL Brains e-lesson plans

Learn how to use our e-lesson plans efficiently, as well as discover some differences and similarities between the structure of our worksheets and e-lessons. Read More

ESL Brains Critical Reading Club

Discover our Critical Reading Club (CRC). Learn how to use it in your classroom and how it can benefit your students. Read More

How to make the most of group activities in one-to-one classes

Using group activities with one-to-one classes may not seem particularly exciting or even doable for some teachers. Have you ever wondered how to adapt group activities to provide variety, as well as ensuring your one-to-one students enjoy and benefit from them? Read to discover our tips to consider. Read More

5 websites that will take your ESL lessons to the next level

Discover websites that can maximise your students’ learning opportunities and bring a little spark and creativity into the classroom. Read More

Introducing ESL Brains A2 lesson plans!

The top requested change content-wise by far were low-level (A2) lesson plans. And in the beginning of this year, we decided it's high time we tried to tackle that. Read More

Discover ESL Brains content

If you are new here and you’ve never seen ESL Brains lesson plans, then you’re in the best place to discover what we do. At ESL Brains we publish ready-to-use ESL lesson plans and worksheets for adult learners that tackle up-to-date and thought-provoking topics. The core of our content is based on authentic videos from YouTube/TED. Read More

Share Your Lesson! Competition Top 10 Shortlist

What’s the story? For some time, we’re wondering how many teachers out there are also material writers and wanted to discover their approaches to creating lessons. We figured  that to motivate some of you, but also to recognize your work and talent, we’ll do it in a form of a competition. And that’s how we [&h [...] Read More

Making teaching English online easier with ESL Brains

Teaching English online now I started teaching online three years ago and I came to really enjoy this format. Despite its downsides, there are many benefits for teachers of doing lessons online. The obvious one is just the sheer amount of time you save when you don’t need to commute endlessly across the city. Plus, […] Read More

How to use interactive videos for teaching English

As you probably have already realized we love using videos for teaching English. You may wonder why? First of all, that’s how people consume media nowadays. We stopped reading and turned to video (YouTube) and audio (podcasts) as the primary type of online content we get, whether these are vlogs, how-tos, educational videos or news [...] Read More

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