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Welcome in 2022??? Before our New Year’s resolutions become once again a thing of the past (some say it happens on Jan 19), we’d like to keep at least one that we’ve made to ourselves and update you on what happened on ESL Brains in 2021. And, what can we say? A lot of things happened! 


  • We published 68 standard lesson plans, 14 flipped lesson plans and Critical Reading Club worksheets. In total: 91 lessons for you to use in your classrooms ??? and we plan to beat that record in 2022.
  • We started publishing A2 lesson plans in April ???and now have 20 lessons on that level with more coming each month. 
  • We tested and launched our new worksheet format: Critical Reading Club (CRC) ???
  • We wrote 4 articles with our ideas on teaching English ✒️✒️✒️
  • We reviewed, proofread and edited around 80% of older worksheets to make sure they’re top quality  ???


  • Our team expanded and there are 8 great people working with us on the ESL Brains project ???


  • In Jan 2021, we launched our redesigned website which now includes new features and our own integrated payment system 
  • We modified the top menu to give you an easier way to access lesson categories and levels ??
  • We also developed a more accurate and user-friendly search engine to help you find the lesson plans you need faster ?
  • We launched a new feature thanks to which you can also quickly access lesson plan category and topics by clicking the buttons shown under the lesson titles ???
  • We updated our About Us section, so now you can see all the people cooperating with us ?
  • We finally started our Instagram profile where we publish some updates as well as some behind-the-scenes posts ??

We hope you enjoyed last year with ESL Brains and can’t wait to see what 2022 brings!


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  1. aldonaS

    You are doing a great job! Your resources are interesting, engaging and professional. I`ve used many, many lessons, my students love them. I can say you are like a digital coursebook for me. Thanks a million!

    1. Stan

      Oww, that’s so awesome to hear Aldona! We promise to keep on delivering the same quality of lessons (or better) in 2022!

  2. Nappy Hair


  3. Classy English

    Thank you for your work!

  4. Eric Jr.

    I am having a great time referencing ESL for Brains resources and combining them with some American Studies materials. Keep motivated!

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