New lesson categories: Lifestyle and Grammar

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Hi ESL Brains community!???

Did you know there are over 300 lessons available on our website, and the number keeps growing? If you have been browsing through the materials using categories in the search filter, you might have noticed that the category we called General has become rather broad. That is why  we have decided to add two new categories to the website search filter to make browsing our lessons easier. Today, we’re introducing:

Lifestyle category 

This is where you will find lessons about how people live, what they do in their free time, how they communicate with each other and what excites them. This is also where you can search for the lessons which used to be in the Art & Design ? category and which has been removed.

Grammar category

The category should be pretty self-explanatory! Just remember that most of our grammar-focused lessons also have a theme, so you will find them in other categories too. 

Other lesson categories

You can still browse lessons using the four other categories:


This is where you can look for lessons about workplace, economy, finance and career opportunities. This category also deals with the language used in business environment.


Here you will find lessons about how things work. If your students are tech-savvy, this is where you should search for lessons about AI, blockchain, metaverse or data science.

Global issues

This category leads you to lessons about society, environment, media, education, and things people do to solve the world’s most pressing problems. 


Now, it mostly comprises materials without a theme, such as lessons which only focus on phrasal verbs, idioms, or commonly confused words.

One more thing…

And that’s not all! We have added one more filter to the search engine.

This way if you don’t need listening comprehension in your lesson, you can easily find worksheets without videos. There are more of them than you’d expect ? 

Enjoy teaching with ESL Brains!


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  1. Lignum Nyelviskola

    Very good idea! I missed some grammar practice lessons 🙂 Thank you!

  2. Vanessa Heathcock

    Great idea! Thank you!

  3. Jolanta Lapinskaitė

    Oh that’s nice! Thank you!

  4. Катя Лесюк

    I am in love with your hard work! I really appreciate your input, because you do know how to make a difference.

  5. John Hodgson

    Great idea thanks, it will make it easier.

  6. Iman Bekiri

    Thank you!

  7. Stan

    Nice to see that you like this improvement! We promise to keep on developing ESL Brains so that it’s more teacher-friendly with each change 🙂

  8. deborah

    It would also be a great idea if we could filter by video. Sometimes I use some really amazing videos and then forget in which lesson plan they are in 🙁

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