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Ever wondered which lessons other ESL Brains teachers would recommend? We have, so we had a closer look at what was trending in the first half of 2022, and created the list of the most popular lesson plans from that period. See which lessons have most often been viewed, commented on and liked, and get inspired!

speaking lesson plan

1. Rethinking your mindset 

Word formation, listening, but most of all loads of speaking practice! This free lesson plan for intermediate and upper-intermediate students is (in the words of ESL Brains teachers) useful, informative and well-structured. Some teachers have even successfully used it to help students change their negative attitude towards English!

synonyms for laugh

2. What makes you laugh?

Let your students chuckle and guffaw in this amazing lesson about laughter! The user’s comments are probably the best recommendation there is. Filipe calls it an absolutely amazing lesson, and adds: Great activities. Relevant vocabulary for the intended level and the exam-type activity at the end are splendid. Ece also shares some feedback: Such a fun lesson plan, laughed all the way through it with my students.

ESL culture lesson

3. When in Rome… 

Weddings in Malta? Dining in China? Falling asleep in Japan? Let your pre-intermediate students watch some funny videos about cultural differences and share, compare, and discuss their experience and views! As a bonus, they will learn the difference in use between a bare infinitive and a to-infinitive. This amazing lesson gets ALL students talking!

talking about food

4. The best food is in…

Is it in Italy? India? Mexico? Where? Even the quietest students will want to share their opinion on that! This is one of the lessons which show that even pre-intermediate students will speak English if presented with an interesting topic. And who wouldn’t want to talk about food?

5. Behind every success there are dozens of failures

Strive for success, but embrace failure! This lesson is packed with some great advanced vocabulary practice and engaging talking points, and will be a success with both business and general English students.

multiple-choice cloze task

6. Has cancel culture gone too far?

Has it? Let you students tell you! The lesson has been called excellent and fantastic by many ESL Brains users. Use controversial topics like this one and help your advanced students practise oral fluency and accuracy.

saying no in English

7. I wish I could but I don’t want to

Don’t we all need a good excuse sometimes? Use this outstanding upper-intermediate lesson plan to teach your students how to say ‘no’ politely. They will discuss a video about different strategies for saying ‘no’, and practise the new language in every-day situations. This was a great business lesson, according to Sue. And Lizzie said: I loved teaching it and my students were buzzing to go and say no to all of their bosses the next day!

The ESL Brains team has also made the list of their top lesson picks from the first half of 2022. If you’re interested, make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter!

Do you have a favourite ESL Brains lesson? Share it with other teachers in the comments below.


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  1. shirleyj

    Your lessons are all awesome! My personal favourites are the ones on the Metaverse and drones.

    1. Ewa

      Thanks! We also love these two!

  2. sandra hill

    All the lesson plans are fantastic.
    the ones I really like and use are too numerous to list here, but my personal favourites are:
    Diversity and Inclusion. this makes students think in English about themes that are more important than ever, the video is really good. it gets them talking
    Do we need each other? another good one.
    Kindness means everything.
    the list is endless.

    1. Ewa

      Thanks! This is really great to hear 🙂

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