What makes you laugh? (synonyms for laugh)

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Vocabulary - synonyms for laugh

synonyms for laugh


In this lesson students study advanced synonyms for laugh, watch a video about laughter and discuss different aspects of laughter. The video idea comes from one of our subscribers. Phil, thank you! #yousuggestwecreate

C1 / Advanced60 minStandard LessonFree / Premium Plan


The lesson starts with an activity in which students read five incomplete jokes and decide what words to put in the gaps. Afterwards, students have a short discussion about jokes and how our cultural background influences our sense of humour. Then, students watch the first part of a BBC video about laughter and note down the reasons why people laugh. During the second viewing, students make notes on several topics from the video (e.g. how apes and humans laugh, benefits of laughter). After that, they answer some questions about laughing in different situations (e.g. at inappropriate times, being unable to stop laughing). 


This part of the lesson starts with an exercise in which students learn seven synonyms for laugh (e.g. cackle, giggle, chuckle). They do it by listening to the types of laughter represented by the verbs (audio available for teachers online) and reading sentences which put the verbs in context. Then, they come up with other contexts for the words by describing short situations with the use of the verbs. After that, students read the definitions of the verbs from the previous exercise and correct the mistakes in them (e.g. Chuckle means to laugh quietly, not loudly.). The vocabulary is then practised in a multiple choice task in which students choose the correct synonym for the verb laugh in a few sentences. The last part of the lesson is an extended speaking exercise (similar to Part 2 of the CAE speaking exam). Students work in pairs or groups of three and compare and contrast sets of photos showing people laughing in different situations. After the conversation about the photos, students discuss some questions related to laughter and wellbeing.



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  1. At_the_marble_sea

    Thank you for such a great lesson plan!:)

    1. Kasia

      Thank you so much for the comment 🙂

  2. Gail Crous

    Thank you! It’s so refreshing to find a lesson that’s not about COVID, global warming, stress, etc.

    1. Pnn

      Absolutely!! Please provide more positive topics like this! They are much needed

    2. Weetum

      Great lesson – my students loved the recorded laughter samples even if some of the nuances went over their heads !
      They loved the groaner jokes too – a few said they were worthy of Christmas crackers !
      Big thanks from Rita in France ( doing a demure little simper as I send this )

      1. Justa

        Thank you so much for such positive feedback! It’s awesome your students enjoyed the lesson! Cheers 🙂

  3. AA

    This looks like such a fun lesson, i can’t wait to use it with my students this week. I also agree with the feedback below that it’s so nice to have something more positive and upbeat to teach. Thank you!!!

    1. Stan

      Fantastic! Good vibes are always needed. Let us know how this lesson went with your students!

  4. shirleyj

    Agree with all the previous comments. It was very well-received by my class ?

  5. Mariola Moçka

    Great material, thank you! My students loved this lesson plan! 🙂

    We also watched this video to find out our laughing type https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=enJNZ8g_k84

    1. Justa

      Thanks for sharing it with us 🙂

  6. filipesamuelnunes@gmail.com

    Absolutely amazing lesson! Great activities. Relevant vocabulary for the intended level and the exam-type activity at the end is splendid. Thanks for this. Cheers! filipe

    1. Justa

      Thanks for feedback, Filipe!

  7. Lidia Miller

    Perfectly described!!! I loved this lesson plan. Thank you so much for the research about laughter and its effects.

    1. Justa

      We’re happy to hear it, thanks 🙂

  8. Megan Prattley

    Thanks for this uplifting lesson!

  9. hana.beraki

    Simply fantastic!!


    Great stuff!

    1. Justa


  11. beavertonliteracy

    What a great lesson, thank you! The online presentation is wonderful – I just had to make all the type much bigger and bold to work against eye strain for my students. I split some of the content between 2 slides to make it all fit.

    1. Justa

      Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us!

  12. Ece

    Such a fun lesson plan, laughed all the way through it with my students.

  13. Ani

    Thank you so much for this great lesson plan! My students really enjoyed it. 🙂

    1. Justa

      Awesome, we’re happy to hear that 🙂

  14. Pedro Schlemper

    Thank you for this class, the students loved it and the material provided such as the video and the audios were great!

    1. Justa

      Thanks! We’re thrilled to hear such positive feedback!

  15. UlianaDuban

    My students are in love with all your materials that I use at our lessons 💞💌 thank You 😊

    1. Justa

      Super happy to hear that 🙂 Thank you!

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