Try out the new lesson plan feature – homework/revision tasks!

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We are excited to announce that we have added a new feature to our standard and flipped lesson plans! The feature is something many of you have requested in your feedback, and that can be helpful when it comes to revising previously taught material. #yousuggestwecreate

Starting from March 2023, each new standard or flipped lesson plan contains an extra task to be used as additional reinforcement, either in the form of revision at the end of the lesson or at the beginning of the next one, or as homework. Since the tasks are double purpose (revision or homework), you can use them differently each time depending on your needs. If you teach online, you will find the task included in the e-lesson plan as the so-called skipped slides at the end of the presentation. When you decide to show them to your students, you will need to exit the presentation mode, find the first revision/homework slide and start presenting again.

If you teach offline, look for the extra task in the teacher’s version of the worksheet. It can be printed, cut out and distributed among the students.

The homework/revision tasks will help enhance your teaching and make your students’ learning experience more enjoyable and effective. And, as always, we are genuinely interested in what you think! We are trying out different types of tasks and different approaches, so let us know in the comments here or under the lessons what you think about the activities: Are they useful? What do you and your students think? Let us know!


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  2. kasia.english.trainer

    Great stuff! 🙂

  3. pjacovella

    Cool!! thank you for adding homework!!!

  4. mcd8519

    That’s fantastic! Thank you

  5. ALanSarmiento


  6. Stan

    Thank you all for the positive reception! Hope you’ll enjoy using these homework/revision tasks!

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