Year 2022 in a nutshell!

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Welcome to 2023 🙂 Before our New Year’s resolutions become once again a thing of the past, we’d like to keep at least one that we’ve made to ourselves and update you on what happened on ESL Brains in 2022. And, what can we say? A lot happened!💗


In 2022, we continued to provide high-quality and thought-provoking resources for English language teachers. Every week we published 3 lesson plans for our subscribers. That resulted in a whopping total of 149 lesson plans🤯, including 92 standard ESL Brains lesson plans, 38 Critical Reading Club worksheets, 10 Flipped Classroom lesson plans and 9 Speaking Class worksheets. And everything available as always in 2 formats – printable pdf and e-lesson plan, so that no matter if you teach online or face-to-face, you can always use ESL Brains resources. This means that at the end of 2022 our Unlimited subscribers had over 420 original lesson plans at their fingertips!😊

One of the novelties in 2022 was the Speaking Class 💬format. This new lesson format was introduced with conversation classes in mind. But it’s not just a set of discussion questions on topic – it’s a thought-through lesson that focuses on developing speaking skills through a variety of tasks. We’re happy to see that the Speaking Class format has received positive feedback from our community. If you have somehow missed that, learn more about it here.


We continued to make improvements to our website to make it more user-friendly and efficient for you. In addition to new features such as the notification bell 🔔 for keeping you up-to-date on what’s being published, we modified the top menu to give you an easier way to access lesson categories and levels. We also developed a more accurate and convenient  search engine to help you find the lesson plans you need faster. With more precise filtering options and better results, we hope that it’s easier to find what you need for your classes.

Our community

We are thrilled to see that the ESL Brains teacher community has grown to over 🔥100,000 people🔥 visiting ESL Brains each month. Over the last year, you left more than 860 comments and clicked over 500 like buttons under various lesson plans. This feedback not only motivates us to do more but also helps us to adapt our lesson plans and guides us what to create next!

We’re grateful for all the support and feedback we received in 2022 and we’re looking forward to even more productive 2023. Thank you for being part of the ESL Brains community and choosing ESL Brains as your go-to source for lesson plans and teaching resources. 🫡


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