Introducing ESL Brains Speaking Class worksheets!

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Your students want to speak English but you struggle to find good (if any) ready-made speaking lesson plans. Sounds familiar? In that case, the new ESL Brains lesson format might be a game-changer!

If you teach conversation classes, this format is perfect for your students. You can also use a Speaking Class lesson plan when you feel your students need more communication practice, or as a break from regular lessons. Speaking classes are ideal to use in the first or last lesson of the term, or much more often, as part of your course. 

Speaking Class worksheets have no grammar or vocabulary activities, just speaking! This is because many of you have asked us about worksheets for conversation classes without any particular language area to practise. If you want your students to speak as well as practise vocabulary and grammar in a controlled way, use our Standard and Flipped Classroom worksheets. 

The topics covered in Speaking Class worksheets are always engaging and meaningful. They encourage students to have in-depth discussions and speak their minds. As all ESL Brains lessons, speaking class lesson plans are thought-provoking and up-to-date.

They include a variety of activities: ordering, rating, grouping, discussing, describing, organising ideas, agreeing and disagreeing, etc. Most of them also include a video but there isn’t a typical comprehension task linked to it. Its purpose is simply to spark more conversation. 

It is not easy to predict how long a speaking class will be, as this mostly depends on your students. We believe that each of them will take between 45 and 60 minutes. Some of the teachers who tested the worksheets, however, said that an hour wasn’t enough for some more eager students. 

We have been working on speaking classes for some time now, and are really proud to finally share them with you. We would also like to give a big THANK YOU to the teachers who tested the worksheets with their students, and provided us with valuable feedback!

We will publish some speaking class worksheets every month, and they will be available in the Unlimited subscription. Check out below Speaking Class worksheets open to all

How to find Speaking Class lessons?

You can easily distinguish Speaking Class worksheets from any other lessons by looking at the lesson card or the lesson post image. Speaking Class lessons have an orange ribbon so that you can quickly know that this is not one of our standard lessons.

If you want to just browse through Speaking Class worksheets, then our search engine is your friend! Go to our main search page and use the right filter to show only Speaking Class worksheets. The Lesson Format filter is hidden in the main view so you need to first click the black Show more filters link.

For your convenience, click here to see search results showing just Speaking Class lessons.


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  1. EnglishJamie

    😀 😀 😀 😀
    Thank you for putting these lesson plans together! I can’t wait to try them out tomorrow!

    1. Stan

      Jamie, we’re looking forward to hearing your feedback! E-mail us or share your thoughts here.

  2. Rafaela Oliveira

    Fantastic lesson type! Much appreciated. Great to have engaging topics to speak and grasp new vocabulary!

  3. sluchevsky

    thank you very much!

  4. Maria Ines


  5. Mercedes Leonor Martínez Martín

    Role playing please!!!!

    1. Stan

      For the time being, we decided not to add role-plays to these worksheets as role-plays are more controlled speaking activites. We wanted to give students as much freedom as possible to express themselves. Of course, we’re open to feedback and if we feel that’s what many of you want, we might reconsider.

  6. mari omanashvili

    Thank u so much for this valuable work

  7. Daisy Farias

    Congratulations on the great work, guys! 🙂

  8. Gabriela Coronel

    Thank you for these new lessons! I’ll be using them tomorrow!

    1. Stan

      Let us know how it went!

  9. madyori noya

    Fantastic. Thank you so much for putting this together. I can’t wait to start using them in my lessons.

    1. Stan

      Waiting for your feedback! Share it here or send us a message 🙂

  10. Tonia Azevedo

    Amazing initiative! Your material is the best, many thanks for these!

  11. Inglescomare


  12. kieran

    Look good. But what will they be categorised under? If I search Speaking I get lots of exam stuff etc, so will these be in their own place? TIA

    1. Stan

      Filters are your friend! Click “see more filters” and you will see the lesson types filter, just tick Speaking Class and you will only see these lessons. Here’s a link:

  13. Yvonne Veraar

    I did the Talking about Professions lesson with my student this morning and it was super! Conversation flowed and each section was engaging and fun. We had lots of laughs. I thought the addition of the two videos was very good as it brought an opportunity for a listening exercise into the lesson as well.
    Thank you!

    1. Stan

      Thanks for sharing your feedback. We’re really happy to learn that this lesson was a blast!

  14. Mrs. D Swan

    SOOOOOO EXCITED ABOUT THIS!!!!!!! Thanks, will definitely be using them!

  15. Andrew McNiece

    This is great! I’ve loved the lessons in general, but as a teacher of mainly conversational classes, oftentimes they are too activity-heavy and I’ve had to create a lot of my own materials. This is an ideal and, in my case, much-welcomed addition to the quality stash here at ESLBrains.


    These are amazing lessons! Thank you for developing them.

  17. Kathy Jones

    I love how you have organized this site. It makes a non-techy like me able to locate the items I need.
    Tomorrow I will give ESL Brains a try in one or two of my classes. Thank you!

  18. Hugo1978

    These lesson plans are simply fantastic! Congratulations!

  19. Yara Attenborough

    Brilliant!! Please create more of these!!

  20. Sgyorkos

    Many thanks for the Halloween lesson. Even it is already over I shall use it with my students

    1. Stan

      Fantastic! Hope you and your students are going to have a fun lesson 🙂

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