A year in a nutshell: what our 2023 was like

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It seems like 2023 was ages ago, so eventful and dynamic 2024 has been so far. But we still found time to reflect on the whirlwind of lessons and experiences that made last year one to remember. And what we recalled was too good not to share it with you. So here are our three dids of 2023. 

What we did

At the heart of our journey was the publication of a whopping 158 lessons. From simple light-hearted everyday topics to tackling serious global issues, our goal was to provide a diverse range of content. We were not afraid to raise difficult questions for those of you who would like to push the boundaries of traditional ESL topics. But we also made sure we provided an equal number of lessons that are safe to use with learners of all backgrounds. 

We were committed to streamlining your preparation process by introducing captivating homework tasks. What sets these tasks apart is their dual functionality – they can be used as effective revision activities, thanks to the incorporation of a speaking element in most of them.

Speaking of time-saving initiatives, we continued to share blog posts loaded with ready-to-use ideas, speaking games, and engaging role plays. If you happened to miss out on them, now might be the perfect time to catch up.

Another exciting development last year was the introduction of our new PDF lesson template. 🎨With the new design, we strived to enhance the visual appeal of our lessons and aimed to make your teaching experience more enjoyable and efficient. Speaking of design, we also finished converting all our e-lessons to align with the new style. We were thrilled to see such a positive response from you and learn that it was definitely worth the effort.

Who we did it with

In the spirit of growth and evolution, three new bright minds joined our team, adding fresh ideas and perspectives to our work 🫂. However, one member has had to bid us farewell. To improve teamwork and thus the quality of our materials, we started having monthly knowledge-sharing meetings where we discussed various topics related to material writing. We have already covered the topics like what listening tasks work best, how to teach grammar, what lesson outline to stick to, and many many others. 

We also worked more closely with you. We stepped up our social media game to connect with our community and share updates on Instagram. 💬From fun quizzes to thought-provoking polls, our goal was to create a space where you are encouraged to share your perspective and reach out to us even more easily.

Why we did it

Amidst the hustle and bustle, we welcomed your feedback. We did it not only to feel good about our work (though, let’s admit it, reading your comments and feedback messages is a pure joy 😌) but to use it in shaping our lessons and setting new goals. Your ideas and suggestions added great value to our planning and implementation.

So the answer to the question of why we did it is quite simple – we did it for you ❤️. 

In conclusion, 2023 was a year of growth, change, and learning. From the expansion of our team to the revamp of our lesson templates, each step was taken with you, our dedicated users, in mind. And we’re really grateful that you’ve stuck by us and we hope to keep delivering up to your expectations. 


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  1. Eszter Nagy

    Thank you so much for your work, it makes my work az a teacher of English so much easier and more colorful. I am extremely grateful for the content you are creating on this platform.

    1. Olia


  2. Jo Cauldrick

    I joined ESL brains just before Christmas and the lessons have been a game-changer for my students and I. The homework PDF’s help my students to prepare before the lesson and revise materials afterwards. Well done on creating such beautiful lessons.

    1. Olia

      that’s great, thank you for sharing 🤗

  3. Aeri Jeon

    thanks so much, ESL team! it’s a blessing stumbling upon this amazing site. keep it up!

  4. CrisMilla

    Dear ESL Brains Team,

    Hi to you all. I just want to say many thanks for all the wonderful ideas, creative ways of sharing knowledge and the insentive for us, teachers.
    I don´t tend to share much how I feel about my work, but I want you to know that you have helped me tons and I´m really greatful. 2023 was a new beginning for me because I switched from working at school to teaching online from home. Finding ESL Brains made an enormous difference, so thank you again.
    And of course,I´m looking forward to all the new material!

    Warm regards,

    Cris Milla

    1. Stan

      Thanks for sharing how you feel! We really appreciate it and we’re just enormously happy to be able to help out teachers like you!

  5. Lignum Nyelviskola

    Dear All,

    The lessons you created last year were quite useful for introducing a topic or teaching grammar. They supplied me with a framework and a starting point. My students appreciated and preferred video-based lessons.

    I understand that generating lessons at basic levels like A2 can be tough, but I would love more courses at that level as well. The created structure is quite beneficial because I can add or delete slides and alter the material. By scrolling from slide to slide and displaying the solutions, this website becomes more competitive than others.

    Overall, I remain a subscriber and hope that my students will love the class time this year!

    1. Olia

      Thank you so much for such a detailed feedback! We hope you and your students enjoy our lesson plans this year 🙂

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