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B1 technology lesson plan




With this B1 technology lesson plan, students talk about different types of robots, watch two videos about robots in sports, learn some commonly confused sports words and reflect on the future of robots.

B1 / Intermediate60 minStandard LessonPremium Plan


The lesson starts with students explaining the difference between three terms: android, humanoid robot and robot. This warm-up task could be followed by showing students some examples of these robots on the Internet. Next, students look at six photos showing different robots and discuss five questions related to their role in our everyday lives. The next exercise focuses on sports vocabulary, particularly on some commonly confused pairs of verbs and nouns (beat vs win, spectators vs viewers). Students look at ten sentences and choose one correct word to complete each of them.


The second part of the lesson starts with a word cloud. Students look at it and predict what the videos they’re about to watch might be about. Then, they watch two videos about sports robots  and summarise them using the words from a box (e.g. beat, compete). Afterwards, they share opinions about sports competitions between humans and robots. The next exercise gives them an opportunity to learn more technologyrelated vocabulary (e.g. artificial intelligence, automation). Students match the underlined words to their meanings. Finally, they read the statements again, prepare arguments for and against them and hold debates explaining why they agree or disagree with each statement. You may want to finish this B1 technology  lesson plan with a small project. You could ask students to imagine they’re engineers and to design robots they’ve always wanted to have. Then, they could give short presentations about their robots.



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  1. Lidia Miller

    Wow!! An interesting lesson to raise awareness about differences between technology and humanity,feelings and emotions vs achievements. Love it!! Will you please make a free version for teachers?? Thank you!!

    1. Justa

      Thanks for the comment! I’m really happy you like the idea of this lesson plan. The worksheet is only available to our Premium and Unlimited plans subscribers, so I encourage you to give it a go and subscribe. Otherwise, check out our free lesson plans library here.

  2. timexer

    Great Class! Totally engaging and relevant, have completed this class with children age 13 as well as professionals working in the IT sector, all are really enjoying it. Keep up the good work!

    1. Justa

      Thank you! I’m thrilled to hear that the lesson was successful with different classes 🙂

  3. Bekzod

    Very organised and engaging. Going to do it with my students today. hope it will work well.

    1. Justa

      Thanks and good luck with your classes 🙂

  4. [email protected]

    Very useful materials!

  5. elvisoliveiras

    I loved this lesson, great job to the teachers who design that.

    1. Justa

      Thanks 🙂 We’re happy to hear that you enjoyed this worksheet!


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