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This lesson focuses on a topic that’s not really talked about a lot: veterans suffering from PTSD. Don’t get scared! We don’t go deep into the reasons and consequences of it but rather show this issue by presenting how horses help soldiers re-enter society and deal with their traumas. The goal of this lesson plan is simple – introduce several new words and phrases, practise listening skills and finally use new language both in writing and speaking.


The worksheet starts with a few discussion points about animals, the ways they help humans as well as what they can teach us. Next, students move to some photos which give them some hints about what the video’s going to be about. Before watching the video, students also need to learn some useful vocabulary. They get a few words and phrases and have to match them to their definitions. When they watch the video for the first time, they just need to get a general idea of equine therapy and answer one question. In the second task, students need to listen for specific information and answer comprehension questions.


Next, students move to a vocabulary task based on the language used in the video. They get two columns with parts of phrases and need to match them to create collocations, Then, students need to practise them by writing some sentences with them. Finally, students move to a discussion point task. We prepared a couple of statements which they need to comment on and most importantly, while they do it, they need to use the words from this lesson. You can even try using it for some sort of a bingo game – when they cross out each expression and need to use all of them before they finish their discussion.

One comment: the lesson plan post is titled ‘Horse therapy for veterans‘, however, the title in the SV and TV worksheets as well as in the e-lesson plan is different (‘How animals help humans‘) so that students can guess (in ex. 2) what the video is about.


The lesson talks about horses used in therapy so the extra worksheet is built around the word ‘horse’ as well. It includes eight horse idioms which are introduced through various tasks. Your students will discover the meanings of new idioms, see in what context they can be used and practise by using new idioms. 

The worksheet was created to supplement this lesson plan, however, you can also use it as a standalone worksheet to teach your students some useful idioms.



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  1. I really liked your E-lesson approach, but please do not remove the pdf worksheets. I surveyed and many of my students preferred the old pdf style lessons.


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