This health and wellness lesson plan focuses on a discussion about health‐related issues and applications offered by employers in the workplace. Students will talk about their approach to health, do three listening comprehension tasks and hold debates at the end of the class.


The lesson plan starts with a short discussion in which students express their approaches towards health and wellness. Next, they move to a vocabulary task. They read some questions and need to match words in bold to the correct meanings. After checking the answers, students have to answer these questions in writing using new words. To practise the vocabulary even more, they works in pairs and share their answers with their partners. When doing that, they should also ask their partners some follow-up questions.


As a lead‐in to a video, students get a quote from the video they’re going to watch. They have to discuss it and explain why they agree or disagree with it. Next, students watch the video for the first time and they just need to find out what its purpose is. They have some options to choose from. Then, they watch the first part of the video again and write questions to some answers. While watching the second part of the video, students need to complete sentences with one word each. Finally, this health and wellness lesson plan ends with a discussion about the issues mentioned in the video as well as debates on the related topics we prepared.

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