Talking about advantages and disadvantages

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With this lesson set, your students will:

  • learn vocabulary to talk about advantages and disadvantages (e.g. benefit, upside, cons, selling point),
  • present the pros and cons of different microchipping applications, 
  • practise the target language further on a topic of your choice (health and wellness apps, a four-day workweek, tax on junk food).

In the first lesson, students learn language to talk about advantages and disadvantages. In the second lesson, they practise the target language while talking about a topic of interest.

This is a lesson set. Use the lessons in the set in the suggested order. Learn more about sets here.

Each lesson in the set is also a standalone lesson.

Lesson 1

Teach students vocabulary to talk about advantages and disadvantages
vocabulary for expressing advantages and disadvantages
Standard Lesson 45 min Premium Plan

The next big thing after smartphones


Students watch an interesting video about microchipping, learn vocabulary to express advantages and disadvantages and discuss the new technology.

Lesson 2

Choose one of these lessons depending on students’ interests
health and wellness lesson plan
Standard Lesson 60 min Premium Plan

Do health and wellness apps really work?


Students discuss health applications offered in workplaces. They also do some listening comprehension tasks and hold debates. Encourage students to practise the target language in ex. 1 (slide 3) as well as during discussion and debates in ex. 9 and 10 (slides 18-20).

lesson about a four-day workweek
Speaking Class 45 min / 60 min Unlimited Plan

Reimagining the workweek

Business General

If you want students to focus only on speaking, use this Speaking Class worksheet. Students discuss different changes to a workweek and do a roleplay. Encourage them to use the vocabulary to express advantages and disadvantages in ex. 5-7 (slides 13-16).

lesson about diet and obesity
Standard Lesson 60 min Unlimited Plan

Should junk food be taxed?

Global Issues

Students reflect on the factors contributing to the problem of obesity, listen to a news report and learn some words and phrases related to health. Students can use the target language while holding debates in ex. 10-11 (slides 25-26).


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  1. AP

    How can you download this lesson? There doesn’t seem to be any buttons for this function.

    1. Stan

      This is a lesson set page. A lesson set consists of 2-3 lessons in a given order. You should see links to individual lessons in this set above. You can visit each lesson page to learn more and get files there or click the links directly here in the lesson list (which is above the comments section).

      1. AP

        Ah I get it! Sorry! Thanks for the swift response. Appreciate it

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