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ESL lesson about healthcare


In this ESL lesson about healthcare, students practise speaking, watch a video and do an optional word formation activity

B2 / Upper Intermediate
C1 / Advanced
45 min
60 min
Speaking ClassUnlimited Plan

This is a Speaking Class worksheet. It includes a variety of tasks that let your students practise their speaking skills. This lesson format does not focus on grammar or vocabulary. Learn more about it here.


In the warm-up task, students look at some features and need to rank them from the most to the least important when you seek healthcare services. They also say what else they would add to the list. Then, they discuss some general questions about healthcare. For instance, they have to assess healthcare services where they live, and talk about healthcare trends. Students can also do an optional vocabulary activity which is available in the teacher’s pdf and the e-lesson plan. In the activity, students need to complete phrases by changing the form of words in brackets (e.g. diagnose diagnosis, prevent prevention, expect expectancy). The words will be useful throughout this ESL lesson about healthcare. 

Before watching the video, students look at a list of trends and explain what they think the trends might be (e.g. anticipatory healthcare, precision medicine). Students watch the video to check their ideas. They also need to answer some questions about each of the trends. 


In the second part of this ESL lesson about healthcare, students look at some technologies and have to choose two that, in their opinion, are the most disruptive in the healthcare industry. They need to explain their opinions and give examples. The technologies include wearable health devices, telemedicine and robotic surgeries among others. After that, students read four cases and together decide who will perform better in each of them – a human doctor or an AI system. In the final task of this ESL lesson about healthcare, students need to agree or disagree with some statements related to healthcare. The statements refer to the future of healthcare, empathy in healthcare as well as surgeons and surgeries. 




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