B2 Team Management 60 mins The business world is multinational. This means that your students work (or will work) with people of different cultural backgrounds on a daily basis. It may be the reason your students actually want to learn Business English. While this cultural complexity enriches us, such a melting pot may be a…

Teach your students some new vocabulary connected with skills they need to get a job, and engage them in a comprehensive discussion about the labour market today.

This B2 lesson for professionals looks at Scrum as a project management methodology. Students have the opportunity to learn basic words connected with Scrum, who it works and discuss its importance in today's world.

Unconventional career advice

November 28, 2017 1

LEVEL C1 FOCUS Grammar: Giving advice TIME  approx. 60 min (incl. 6 min video) This Business English lesson plan focuses on career advice. It has been designed for career counselors, but it worked great both with HR people and adult professionals (if you want to do this with young adults without working experience, you must…

LEVEL B2/C1 FOCUS Vocabulary: Describing graphs TIME  90 min (incl. 4 min video) The lesson plan is based on a TED-Ed video titled “How to spot a misleading graph” by Lea Gaslowitz. The aim of the lesson is to teach students vocabulary and structures they can use while describing graphs. The worksheet starts with exercises…

How is bubble gum made

October 25, 2017 0

This lesson focuses on Present Simple Passive Voice and lets students learn how to use the passive to describe process on the basis of a video from the How It's Made TV show.

The lesson plan is based on a short TED-Ed video by Chris Anderson titled “Questions no one knows the answers to”. This time students get a lot of grammar exercises on indirect questions and discuss some daunting questions.

The lesson focuses on collocations in Business English. The worksheet is based on Leeron Segal's speech titled "Upgrading management technology" which is a discussion starter and a background for practising proper collocations.

LEVEL B2 FOCUS Vocabulary: salary TIME  60 min (incl. 7 min video) This ESL lesson discusses the thorny issue of pay secrecy and focuses on vocabulary connected with getting paid. TED Talk by David Burkus called “Why you should know how much your co-workers get paid” is the key point of this worksheet that will kick…

This TED lesson plan focuses on startup as a business model. Students will learn useful jargon from the Silicon Valley and some nice collocations that will help them talk about startups and launching a new company.