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This worksheet deals with Internet slang words that are commonly used nowadays and your students should know them.


The worksheet starts with an exercise with 10 fake Facebook/Twitter posts and messages. Students have to read them and match highlighted words, phrases and acronyms to their meanings. The vocabulary includes: FOMO, YOLO, epic fail, facepalm, etc.

In the second exercise, students try to guess what the acronyms from the previous task stand for. They have to complete gaps with just first letters provided.


Finally, there is a short discussion on such slang words. Students have a chance to express their opinions about using such words and acronyms. What’s more, you can also ask your students to prepare at home a list of 5 words/acronyms they’ve seen on their social media stream recently. Alternatively, ask your students to write 3 short messenger conversations with the words/acronyms from the worksheet.


This worksheet goes well with our lesson plan:

WORKSHEETS + E-LESSON PLAN (for teaching online)

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