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This standalone worksheet deals with Present Perfect and already, just, yet. We want to show students how to use these words in specific situations. Apart from practical tasks, students will also role-play two scenarios (one professional and one personal).


The worksheet starts with a short discussion about throwing a party and things that might go wrong while doing it. Next, students move to a short dialogue and need to check their ideas mentioned in the discussion. The dialogue includes a lot of Present Perfect sentences, specifically used for checking progress. After reading the dialogue, students discover the meanings of already, just and yet, as well as rules about using these time expressions. Then, students move to one practical task in which they need to complete some short dialogues using just, already, or yet, and their own ideas.

role play and writing task

Finally, students work in pairs to practise these time expressions used with Present Perfect in a role play. We’ve prepared two different scenarios so that you can choose which is more suitable for your students (one business scenario about project update and one personal scenario about a BBQ party). After the role play, students get a writing task. They have to write an email summarizing the project progress, or the BBQ party preparations.

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    1. Great to hear that! Due to the pandemic, I’ve completely stopped using pdfs and haven’t printed a thing for the last 4 months or so. I hope our e-lesson format is working as well for others as it works for me and you 🙂

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    1. The role play is included in our e‐lesson plan, so you need to send links to role cards to your students (e.g. on the chat). If you have more than two students in your class, you could use breakout rooms in Zoom to help you manage pairwork in groups.

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