Do you enjoy quiz shows? (question tags)

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Grammar - question tags

question tags lesson


The main objectives of this lesson are to:

  • learn to form question tags, 
  • apply general knowledge to practise forming question tags,
  • practise expressing uncertainty about facts using question tags.

With this question tags lesson plan, students learn to use question tags when they are uncertain about some facts. They do a general knowledge quiz. They also talk about quiz shows and watch people answering general knowledge questions.

B1 / Intermediate
B2 / Upper Intermediate
60 minStandard LessonFree / Premium Plan


This question tags lesson starts with a warm-up activity. Students discuss what general knowledge is and assess the state of their knowledge. Then, they watch the video and decide whether the questions in it are general knowledge questions. You can also choose to pause the video before the quiz show participants provide their answers. After that, students match halves to sentences with question tags (e.g. The driest place in the world is in the Atacama Desert, isn’t it?). They also need to tick rules that apply to using and forming question tags. Then, students match the sentences with answers. Next, students complete gaps with question tags. They also need to answer the questions. 


The second part of this question tags lesson starts with a discussion. Students talk about quiz shows, explain rules of some, think of winning strategies, etc. Then, they answer questions from a quiz using question tags to confirm with their partner (e.g. There are four time zones in Brazil, aren’t there?). Finally, students play a game based on the quiz show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?. If they are unsure about a rule, they can use a question tag to check with you. There are four sets of questions in the teacher’s pdf and the e-lesson plan. 


This question tags lesson also includes an additional task that you can use as homework or revision. In the task, students practise creating question tags. The task is available in the teacher’s version of the worksheet. You can print it and hand it out to your students. It’s also included in the e-lesson plan.



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  1. Anastasia

    Hi! Thank you for such a wonderful lesson, but I failed to find the 4 sets of questions without answers to play the game.

    1. Ewa

      Thanks! The questions are on slides 28-31 (the slides are hidden so that students don’t see the answers) and on pages 5-6 of the teacher’s pdf.

      1. Anastasia

        But the right answers are highlighted there, so there aren’t tests without highlighted answers neither in the teacher’s pdf or on slides

        1. Ewa

          The game that you are referring to (ex. 8/slide 27) is based on the game show ‘Who wants to be a millionaire?’. The objective of the game isn’t to take a test but to communicate with team members and the teacher using question tags. This is why the teacher needs to read the questions out to students instead of showing the questions to them. See more details in ex. 8/slide 27.


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