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Computer networking

lesson plan about the internet


We created this lesson plan about the internet to introduce students to Starlink, a project led by Elon Musk. Students will also learn vocabulary connected with how the internet works, do some listening comprehension tasks as well as discuss the Starlink concept.

C1 / Advanced60 minFlipped LessonPrintable & Digital$12 Plan

This is a Flipped Classroom lesson plan. In a nutshell, it means that first part of the lesson needs to be done by students at home. Learn more about flipped classroom and how we implement it in those lesson plans in our post.


The pre-class worksheet focuses on making students learn vocabulary connected with networks. First, students have to choose the correct words that fit definitions. The task includes words such as latency, fiber optics, transmit, broadband, etc. To show students some of these words in context, they get a short text about the internet. This time, students have to read it and choose which answer best fits each gap. The text should give students a hint what the lesson is about.


Listening Comprehension

The in-class worksheet starts with a short discussion about the internet and students’ knowledge about some facts connected with it. Next, students watch the first part of a video about Starlink. While watching, they have to complete the notes about the project. Then, they watch to the second part of the video and this time students do a multiple choice task. They have to choose the best answers in five points. The whole video is just 5-minute long, so you can make students watch the parts twice to get the answers.

Vocabulary & Discussion

Next, there is one task based on the vocabulary from the video. Students get some sentences from the video and need to come up with the definitions of the words in bold. There are some interesting words, e.g. audacious, dissenter or commendable. Finally, this lesson plan about the internet ends with a discussion. There are a few questions connected with the video, the Starlink project and Elon Musk.



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  1. Hey there,

    I love your lesson.

    Isn’t it the answer for ex 1J – compendium instead of constellation??

    Thank you,


    1. Well, I can’t agree with you on that. Compendium is ‘a concise collection of information about a particular topic’. I can’t imagine a situation in which you would use it to describe a group of similar people or items. However, you could use constellation to do just that: .


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