ESL lesson about space
B2 / Upper Intermediate | C1 / Advanced
Speaking Class 45 min / 60 min

Pushing back the frontiers


In this ESL lesson about space, students watch a video about the International Space Station and have a long discussion about space. The topics include space exploration, collaboration in space and space technology. 

write an essay in English
C1 / Advanced
Flipped Lesson 60 min

Where are all the aliens? (writing an essay)

Global Issues Technology

In this lesson,students discuss alien life and the possible first contact scenario and write an essay about different aspects of space exploration. The lesson also includes two videos about extraterrestrials.

C1 / Advanced
Critical Reading Club 30 min

Historic space flight or billionaire’s thrill ride?


In this lesson based on an article about Richard Branson’s space flight students learn some advanced phrases related to the lesson theme and practise paraphrasing. They also reflect on the future of space tourism.

lesson plan about the internet
C1 / Advanced
Flipped Lesson 45 min

Beaming the internet from space


In this lesson plan about the internet students will learn computer networking vocab, do listening comprehension tasks and discuss the Starlink project.

lesson on making predictions
C1 / Advanced
Standard Lesson 60 min

The future of space exploration (lesson on making predictions)

Grammar Technology

Talk with your students about SpaceX and future of space travel using this ESL lesson plan on making predictions and expressing probability.

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