FOCUS Expressions for like/dislike
TIME 45 min (incl. 5.5 min video)

The lesson plan is based on the TEDTalk by Amit Sood titled “Building a museum of museums on the web” about Google’s Art Project. The lesson itself is about art, museums and students’ interests in these areas.

The worksheet starts with a warm-up task – a discussion on statements on various aspects of museums. Then, students have to brainstorm phrases to express interests which they will be using in a discussion in the next exercise. After that students move to a task on vocabulary. They have to match words from sentences with their meanings. Next, they move to watch the talk and listen to the speaker’s idea. In order to discuss questions about the speech, first, students have to complete them with corrects forms of the words from the previous task. The last activity is to discuss these questions.

The lesson should take around 40 minutes (depending on the time devoted to discussion points) plus the speech which takes 5:35 minutes.







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