B2Travel phrasal verbs60 min 


This lesson plan is based on a short video presenting a man sharing experiences from his unusual journey and focuses on vocabulary in particular travel phrasal verbs. Students will also have a lot of opportunities to speak as they will share their travelling experiences as well as discuss how Anthony Bourdain perceived travelling.

Travel Phrasal verbs

The worksheet starts with tasks built around travel phrasal verbs. First, students get six sentences and they have to finish them by choosing correct answer which will reflect the meaning of a given phrasal verb. Next, students complete questions with the correct forms of some of the phrasal verbs from the previous exercise. After that, they need to discuss these questions.

quote & vocabulary

Then, students move to the next part of the lesson plan. They have a quote by  Anthony Bourdain who claims that “travel isn’t always pretty. It isn’t always comfortable. Sometimes it hurts, it even breaks your heart(…)”. They need to discuss it and share their opinion about it. Next, they move to a vocab task. They have to match words from two boxes to create pairs of synonyms. After that, students have to match halves to create phrases which come from the video and include words from the previous task.

video & discussion

The last part of the lesson plan starts with a short lead‐in to the video in the form of a discussion about experiences and challenges we can face on a walking adventure. Then, students watch the video and summarize it using their own words. The second listening comprehension task involves listening for details. Students need to write down what given figures and phrases refer to. Finally, to wrap up the lesson, students discuss the walking journey presented in the video and their own attitude towards such travelling.




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