B2 Fashion and environment 45


This ESL fashion lesson plan is based on the Huffington Post video “The Problem with Fast Fashion”. It pertains to the issue which is very up-to-date and raises a lot of controversy. Students have a chance to learn a lot of words and phrases connected with fashion as well as the environment. 


There are two tasks dealing with vocabulary in this fashion lesson plan. The first one is a word-formation exercise in which students need to come up with adjectives from the words given. All these adjectives are connected with clothing and style, e.g. classy, unstylish. Moreover, if you have time, you can ask students follow-up questions consisting these words. The next exercise is pair work – discussing questions connected with students’ personal attitudes towards fashion. All questions include common words and phrases connected with fashion such as in vogue or a fashion victim.


Further, students move to a quiz and discussion concerning the textile industry and its human, social and environmental effects. First of all, they have to guess the correct answers in the quiz. Then, they have to watch the video and check whether they’ve been right. When watching the second time, students need to write three consequences of fast fashion. The last task is a discussion. As usual, students have to express their opinions on the issue. 


I really like to have this fashion lesson plan before such events as Black Friday or Christmas. The worksheet makes students think about their shopping activity and habits, whereas the video raises awareness in terms of the effects of the careless attitude towards fast fashion.

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Fashion and environment vocabulary
Wordbuilding: prefixes and suffixes
Listening for general information
Discussion / Pair-work





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