We’ve got some news for you. We have just changed our name from TED4ESL to ESL Brains. You may wonder why. 

»» We no longer build lesson plans only around TED talksWe’ve published a lot of worksheets based on various videos, so the name TED4ESL is not really applicable anymore.

»» We also want to give you a lot of different content that you can use as teachers: ideas, websites, tools and other resources.

»» We want to avoid confusion about our name which included ‘TED’ and therefore was sometimes misinterpreted as a  website somehow connected with ted.com. We don’t want to mislead anyone and probably this is the right time for the change of our name.

We hope this change doesn’t cause you a lot of inconvenience. Remember that all new materials will appear here and you will be automatically redirected here from ted4esl.com.


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