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Through this lesson plan on memory, students will learn the differences between the verbs remember, recall, recollect and remind as well as watch a video about a person with superior autobiographical memory.


As a warm-up activity, students have to complete the questions with correct prepositions that go with the word memory. Then, they need to answer them. After that, they move to another task on vocabulary. This time they read some sentences which include the verbs remember, recall, recollect and remind. They have to match them to their meanings and in one case, they can match more than one verb to a specific meaning. To practise and see more examples including the verbs, students complete the sentences by choosing the correct verb.

video & discussion

The lead-in to a video is a short discussion. Students need to answer questions which include the verbs they practised before. Next, they watch the video (only up to 4:10) for the first time and just need to get a general idea about superior autobiographical memory. By the way, the video is from Australian TV and it features an American actress so you have a mix of Australian and American English accents here. We like using videos with some Australian speakers as very often this accent is not featured in ESL coursebooks. When watching the video again, students have to answer some comprehension questions. Finally, this lesson plan on memory ends with a discussion about the ability of the person presented in the video. 




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  1. Hi ya, have been visiting your wonderful site for a while now, and I always find your choice of topic and lesson plans extremely useful. Thank you very much.

  2. My students really enjoyed this lesson. I asked them to write an article about the topic and they wrote some really interesting pieces. Thanks for the lesson.


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