B1+Vocabulary: Sport 60

This B1 lesson plan is our attempt to touch upon the topic of sport and introduces a lot of sports vocabulary. It is based on a video featuring teenage girls who are professional boxers. The worksheet is full of various exercises starting from a warm-up task with the use of the alphabet, through discussion and vocabulary activities and finishing with video comprehension tasks.


Warm up

To introduce the topic of sports, your students need to work in pairs first to discover some sports vocabulary. Their task is to think of as many words related to sports as possible starting with all letters from the alphabet. You can set some time limit or give a part of the alphabet to one group and the second for the other. Try to monitor your students and help when needed because they might have problems to with of words starting with some letters, e.g. U (umpire).
Next, they move to a short and general discussion about their preferences when it comes to sports. There is also one questions which introduces a bit the topic of the video.

Sports Vocabulary (Pre-watching)

Before watching the video, students will learn sports vocabulary which appears in the video. First, they need to read some sentences and match the underlined words and phrases with their meanings provided. Then, they move to another task in which they have to analyze pictures from the video and think what the video might be about.

Listening Skills (Video)

In the next exercise, students watch the video for the first time and try to complete gaps with one word each. The aim of this task is to consolidate students’ knowledge of words that they learnt in the previous tasks. It will also facilitate listening for details later. After checking their answers, students watch the video one more time. Now, they have to decide whether provided sentences are true or false according to the video.


The lesson finishes with two discussion activities. The first one concerns mainly aspects that the video showed. The other one is more about students’ opinions on some controversial issues connected with sports. They can work in pairs or groups and discuss whether they agree or disagree with the statements. Monitor their work and make them justify their opinions.


This extra worksheet is focused on introducing and practising sports phrasal verbs. Your students will discover 8 phrasal verbs in context and learn how to use them in a series of 3 production activities. Check this additional worksheet here.



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