sports phrasal verbs
B1 / Intermediate
Standard Lesson 30 min

Sports phrasal verbs you need to know


Thanks to this worksheet, students discover eight sports phrasal verbs in context and learn how to use them in a series of 3 activities.

sports vocabulary
B1 / Intermediate | B2 / Upper Intermediate
Standard Lesson 60 min

The changing face of sport (focus on sports vocabulary)


This B1 lesson plan is our attempt to touch upon the topic of sport, and introduces a lot of sports vocabulary. It is based on a video featuring teenage girls who are professional boxers.

sport-related language
B2 / Upper Intermediate | C1 / Advanced
Standard Lesson 45 min

Is e-sport a sport?

General Technology

This worksheet goes deeper into the world of video games, makes students explore esports and study some sport-related language.

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