Is e-sport a sport?

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Vocabulary - sports

sport-related language


This worksheet goes deeper into the world of video games and makes students explore esports. They will study some sport-related language, discover new words and synonyms through a listening comprehension task and discuss whether esports should be part of the Olympics or not.

B2 / Upper Intermediate
C1 / Advanced
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First, students approach the sports mind map. They need to study words in pairs and check the meaning of the words they don’t understand in a dictionary. To practise the vocab, they complete sentences with the correct forms of words from the mind map.


The video for this worksheet is less than 2-min long but its topic will definitely lead to an interesting debate about the future of sport and the Olympics and whether esports will play any role in that.
Students watch the video and find synonyms among the words they hear and see in the video. Next, they watch the video again and answer the questions. Finally, students read some comments about e-sports and discuss in pairs which ones they agree with and why.


This worksheet goes well with our lesson plan:

  1. How video games change the world



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    very interesting because my students are studying different sports and this lesson is great
    thank you

    1. Stan

      I bet they do e-sport as well 🙂 hope you all are going to enjoy the lesson.

  2. Anastasia Skalepova

    Hello! In the teacher’s worksheet it is says that the synonym to ‘ to predict’ is ‘to project’, however I can’t hear this word used in the video. Could you please tell me where in the video speaker mentions this word?
    Thank you very much in advance!

    1. Justa

      Thanks for your comment! The word ‘project’ appears on the screen at 01:18. That’s why the task instructions say “find synonyms for the
      words below from the words you hear and see in the video”.

  3. Nataliia_Talaver

    where is the lesson plan? can’t see anything(

    1. Justa

      Hi! To open this lesson, you need to have our Premium subscription and be logged in. If you’d like to subscribe, you can check out our subscription plans here.

      1. Tícián Tarkó

        putting education behind a paywall is shameful


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