B2 Phrases with GET45


This extra worksheet is a standalone worksheet which is built around phrases with get. It is prepared for stronger students (B2) and consists of various tasks that will make your students learn and remember some phrasal verbs and idiomatic expressions with get.


The worksheet starts with a short exercise which should be considered a warm-up task to introduce students to the world of the verb get. Therefore, students get five sentences with gaps. Their task is to fill in the gaps with correct prepositions and adverbs to create some basic phrases with the verb get.


Next, students move to two exercises on phrasal verbs with get. First, they need to study the sentences given and complete definitions of phrasal verbs with correct words. The list of phrasal verbs includes: get over, get on, get ahead, get away with, get across. What they do next is see how these phrases have been used by some famous people out there. Students get 5 quotes which include the phrasal verbs they’ve just learned and then they need to discuss them in pairs.


In the next section, students move to idiomatic phrases with get. They will study expressions such as get sth off the ground, get wind of sth, etc. First, they have to read short dialogues and complete them with words provided in the box. After that, they go to the next task and match phrases from the previous exercise with their meanings.


Students work in pairs and get cards which contain phrases from the whole worksheet. The cards also include 3 words or phrases that students cannot use when describing the phrases with get to their partners. Students need to take turns and describe the phrase they see on the card they selected. You can set some time limit or use an hourglass and organize a competition – who is the fastest to get them all! You can also use this game as a warm-up/revision on your next classes. It’s all up to you! 

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  1. In the e-lesson plan, slide 30 says choose one set of guessing card games but it doesnt have links.

    1. The whole box was linked rather than the text. I’ve changed it so that both the box and the text are links. These links are clickable in the Present mode. If you’re just browsing the slides, click the linked text once and a small box with the link will appear.

  2. I have recently become a member and I think your website is fantastic. I use your material regularly and today I just used the powerpoint presentation format for the first time and it was fantastic! The fact you can add extra slides or make changes is also a great feature.

    As a teacher I love the balance between the learning components and conversational activities. Keep up the great work.


    1. Thanks Belinda! Great to hear that you appreciate this digital format as well and it turned out to be what you needed. We promise to keep on delivering more content 🙂

  3. Justa, thank you very much for the lessons! Finaly there is some descent content on the internet you can actually use with your students!


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