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This extra worksheet can serve as a great supplement to our lesson plan on online dating. It includes various tasks built around love and relationship vocabulary. However, as the title of the worksheet indicates, these are mainly words and phrases we use when things go wrong in a relationship.


The worksheet starts with a short warm-up with phrases that people use to say that they have romantic feelings for someone. Students have to fill in the gaps with the words from the box. The exercise includes the following phrases: have a crush on somebody, have feelings for somebody, be totally into someone, fall for someone, have a thing for someone.


Next, students move to another task. This time it’s about expressions we use to describe different relationships. Students need to put the words and expressions into the correct columns in the table. It means they have to divide this love and relationship vocabulary into expressions to use when everything’s fine in a relationship or it’s rather complicated. After completing the table, students need to work in pairs, take turns and come up with sentences with the expressions.

Then, students move to the last exercise before a game. Now, they will learn expressions we use when things go wrong in a relationship (e.g. split up, turn sour, etc.). Students have to choose correct words in the given sentences and match underlined expressions to their meanings.


Students work in pairs. One person takes a card with a phrase from this lesson, thinks of a relationship problem and builds one or two sentences about the problem using that phrase. The other person takes one card with a grammatical structure and gives advice to that problem using the structure on the card. The e-lesson plan version of this task: there is one expression in each slide and the selected structure for giving advice. 

WORKSHEETS + E-LESSON PLAN (for teaching online)

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