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Vocabulary - collocations

ESL lesson about living abroad


In this ESL lesson about living abroad, students watch a video, learn some collocations and talk about living in different countries. 

A2 / Pre‐Intermediate60 minStandard LessonUnlimited Plan


This ESL lesson about living abroad starts with a warm-up task. Students imagine that they are moving abroad and decide which things from the provided list would be most important before going. Before watching the video, students find out some of the details about it, look at three pictures and brainstorm how they might be connected to the person from the video. While watching the first part of the video, students note down what the speaker says about the ideas in the pictures. While watching the second part, students complete gaps with one word. After the video, students discuss some questions about moving and living abroad. For instance, they talk about learning the language of the new country, talk about foreigners living in their country and brainstorm reasons people decide to move abroad. 


In the second part of this ESL lesson about living abroad, students read four stories and say if they or anyone you know has experienced anything similar. The stories are about people who moved abroad. Then, students look at the stories again and find words that form collocations with the nouns opportunity and experience. They also complete spidergrams using the collocations (e.g. miss a great opportunity, have an enjoyable experience). Students also work out some simple rules regarding the use of the words opportunity and experience. Next, they practise the use of collocations by creating some sentences with them. 

After that, students choose words and phrases to agree or disagree with statements. They also need to share details with a partner. In the final part of this ESL lesson about living abroad, students imagine that they are moving abroad and need to compare three countries using ideas like job opportunities or unforgettable experiences. Then, they change their partners and choose one country which they try to encourage the partner to go to. They need to use the collocations from the lesson. 


The ESL lesson about living abroad includes a supplementary task to practise the collocations from the lesson. The task is available in the teacher’s version of the worksheet and can be printed for students or accessed in the e-lesson plan for online teaching.




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  1. cnsinternational

    Nice class, but we don’t speak Brazilian, we speak Portuguese from Brazil. =)

    1. Stan

      Oops, that’s my fault in the lesson description! Sorry for being ignorant 🙂 Changing that straight away!

  2. Luiza Marinho

    This lesson was all I was looking for! I have two Brazilian students who have just moved to Switzerland. This lesson was great for giving them the opportunity to talk about this process and contrast their experiences living in a new country with the ones described by the woman in the video. Thanks!!

    1. Ewa

      Awesome! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Chrystyna Bohdanivna

    Something interesting to talk

    1. Ewa



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