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Vocabulary - air travel

lesson about travelling by plane


The main objectives of this lesson about travelling by plane are to:

  • learn and practise phrases useful at the airport and on the plane
  • understand and explain airport procedures (e.g. checking in)
  • understand airport and plane announcements

Students learn airport and plane phrases through announcements. They watch a video with a song about baggage tags and practise using the phrases in different activities. They also do role-play and talk about the challenges of air travel. 

A2 / Pre‐Intermediate60 minStandard LessonUnlimited Plan


In the first part of this lesson about travelling by plane, students complete statements about air travel. They need to share why they think it might be exciting or stressful. Then, students listen to eight announcements and decide whether they are easy or difficult to understand. When they listen to the announcements for the second time, they decide which ones they would hear at the airport and which on the plane. The announcements contain some useful phrases (e.g. boarding pass, board the plane, check-in desk, go through airport security). You can also ask students to listen to the announcements again and repeat them. 

After that students practise the target language. First, they look at four photos and decide what the people are doing using the target phrases. Then, students need to answer some questions using the target language. 


In this part of this lesson about travelling by plane, students explain what a baggage tag is and why it is important. Then, they watch the first part of the video and tick the things that the people do. While watching the second part of the video, students complete gaps to explain how self-tag service works. Next, students discuss questions. For example, they say why they would choose to check in online or at the airport. They also talk about the difficulties passengers sometimes have when they check in their luggage or go through airport security. 

Finally, students do two role-play tasks in pairs. The first one is a conversation at the airport, and the second one is a conversation on the plane. Students need to use particular phrases in the conversations (e.g. mobile boarding pass, print a baggage tag). 


This lesson about travelling by plane also includes an additional task that you can use as homework or revision. The task is available in the teacher’s version of the worksheet. You can print it and hand it out to your students. It’s also included in the e-lesson plan.



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  1. SandBox School

    Amazing lesson, congratulations!

    1. Ewa

      Thank you! I’m glad you like it 🙂

  2. Joanna Gabryś-Trybała

    Thank you for a great material! My students love practical language lessons, it would be fantastic to see more of those at ESL Brains! 🙂

    1. Ewa

      Thanks, Joanna! We will keep that in mind 🙂


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