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Vocabulary - key word transformations

technology lesson plan


This technology lesson plan touches upon melding minds with machines, that is a brain-computer interface. It is based on a very interesting video which will definitely make your students eager to talk.

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C2 / Proficiency
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This is a Flipped Classroom lesson plan. In a nutshell, it means that first part of the lesson needs to be done by students at home. Learn more about flipped classroom and how we implement it in those lesson plans in our post.


The pre-class worksheet starts with a task on vocabulary. Students need to choose words that don’t fit in each line. This is a typical odd-one-out exercise and it includes advanced vocabulary taken from the video. Next, students move to a task on key word transformations. They get sentences with some words from the previous exercise and need to rewrite them using words given.


The in-class worksheet starts with a discussion on technology. The statements to be discussed are the same statements that students transformed at home. Then, there is another task on vocabulary. Students read some pairs of sentences and choose a verb from the box which can be used in both sentences. They may need to change the form of the verbs. The vocabulary in this exercise also appears in the video. Next, before watching, students read the extract from the video and discuss questions. After that, they watch the first part of the video and answer some comprehension questions. While watching the video again, students have to note down what figures and names given refer to. Finally, this technology lesson plan ends with an extensive discussion about the technology presented in the video.



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  1. Hi! That’s a great lesson and I’ll be happy to discuss it with my learners. I have one doubt concerning slide 25 of the presentation, point 5, the answer says: “Elon Musk’s company which goal is to connect humans to computers”. I’d rather use “whose” instead of “which”. But is “which” an option here or a grammar mistake?
    Thank’s in advance!


    1. Agnieszka, thanks a lot for your comment! The issue here has been discussed a lot and there are some misconceptions about the use of “whose”. However, after quite extensive research, in that case, “whose” is definitely correct, and I’ve just changed the worksheet.
      It seems that simply replacing “whose” with “which” doesn’t work. See more here:


  2. Thanks a lot!


  3. Un favor, como puedo bajar el tema? muy interesante. Gracias


    1. If I understand you correctly, you want to download this lesson plan. To do so, you need to subscribe to our Unlimited plan.


      1. ok, thank you!


  4. Great lesson plan. Thanks a lot!


  5. Stimulating for advanced learners, thank you!


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