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This extra worksheet is focused on giving advice and making suggestions. It is a standalone worksheet which can be used with many different lesson plans from our website, e.g. Workplace stress management, Cyberbullying or How to make hard choices.


The worksheet starts with a short table with various structure for giving advice and making suggestions. First, students have to study the table and complete sentences with correct form of verbs in brackets. There are such modals as: should, might, could, structures: had better, second conditional, as well as verbs recommend and suggest. Then, after checking the answers, students move to one practical exercise. They have to write one piece of advice to seven different problems using words in brackets. They can have various ideas for advice, however, they have to use provided words.


After presentation and practice phase, students move to a vocabulary exercise, which they’ll need for their production task at the end of the worksheet. There are different phrasal verbs listed (e.g. put up with, run out of, work out, etc.). Students have to fill in the gaps with phrasal verbs that collocate with all three things provided in each line. There is one line completed, i.e. ‘put up with your boss, bad behavior and a messy house’. When your students finish the exercise, check whether they correctly understand the meanings of all phrasal verbs.

Finally, students move to a speaking activity. They need to come up with some problems and the other person needs to give them advice. The person who states the problem should use phrasal verbs and words that collocate with them from the previous exercise, whereas students who are supposed to give advice should use various structure from the table at the beginning of the worksheet. Let them come up with 3-4 problems and advice and then switch pairs and go through another iteration of problems-advice.


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