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This extra worksheet is a bit more universal than those which supplement lesson plans, so we decided that there should be a separate post about it. Mind you, there is no video for this worksheet.

With this worksheet, you will teach your students words and phrases that they can use for expressing opinions. There are three tasks on vocabulary and one argument battle game, i.e. a fun way for practising what they’ve learnt.


First, students have two activities to learn how to use comment and viewpoint adverbs. In the first task, they have to match adverbs with their counterparts. Point out that these adverbs are usually used at the beginning of the sentence and are followed by a comma. The next exercise is more practical. Students have five different topics and they have to build statements around them using adverbs from the previous exercise. There is an example to help them understand the idea behind the task.


The third task includes nine sentences. Students need to complete them with words from the box. There are such phrases as I think otherwise, I was under the impression that, in my view, according to, etc. Thanks to that task, students will know how these expressions work and what their meanings are. Monitor your students’ work and explain phrases they have problems with. When they finish the exercise, you can extend it by asking your students one by one to build one sentence with the phrase you choose.


Finally, students move to an argument battle game. They have to play in groups of three (or pairs). The objective of the game is to keep the discussion going for as long as possible. There are game rules as well as ten topics for students to choose from.


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  1. This looks great. I’m going to try it out today. I love lessons which help push students to use more challenging vocabulary.


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