B2/C1 Describing graphs 90 mins LESSON OVERVIEW The lesson plan is based on a TED-Ed video titled “How to spot a misleading graph” by Lea Gaslowitz. The aim of the lesson is to teach students vocabulary and structures they can use while describing graphs in English. In addition, thanks to the video, students will learn…

How false news can spread

October 11, 2017 4

B2 Speaking skills 45 mins LESSON OVERVIEW This video lesson plan starts with a short exercise on adjectives which can be used to describe media and news. Firstly, students have to match adjectives underlined in sample sentences with their definitions. Next, students can express their opinions in a short discussion about fake news and media.…

Do the green thing!

May 14, 2017 5

The lesson is based on the TEDTalk by Andy Hobsbawm titled "Do the green thing" and it concerns a very important issue of the environment protection. The speaker introduces his idea of a creative approach to promoting nature preservation.