Commonly confused words in English

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Vocabulary - commonly confused words

Commonly confused words in English


Effective and efficient. These are two of the most confusing words in English and often wrongly used by students. In our worksheet we focus on such commonly confused words in English to show students how they should be used. This extra worksheet includes 3 activities in which students will study 16 pairs of confusing verbs, nouns, adjectives and adverbs.
If you want to add some more, check out the list of easily confused words curated by Cambridge Dictionary.

B2 / Upper Intermediate30 minStandard LessonPrintable & Digital$6 Plan


In the first task, students get pairs of confusing words, for example, effect and affect, raise and rise, briefly and shortly, etc. They also get two sentences in each point. Their task is to complete the sentences with the correct words from the pairs. There are eight pairs of such confusing words. In the second exercise, students read each point and they have to choose which sentence is true and which is false. To give you an example of it, look at the sentence below:

Alex knows his limitations.

  1. He is conscious of his limitations.
  2. He is a very conscientious person.


The worksheet finishes with a short writing task. Students need to choose five words in bold from the sentences that haven’t been selected in the previous exercise, and write sentences with each word they have chosen.


This worksheet goes well with our lesson plan:

  1. How to be more productive at work



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