Are you addicted to online shopping?

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worksheet about shopping addiction


This worksheet about shopping addiction provides some authentic info on how to identify whether somebody is addicted to online shopping. With this worksheet, students will discover new vocabulary through reading, learn something important but also practise their speaking and writing skills. It can be used as a standalone material, homework or a follow-up to our lesson about shopping.

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First, students read an article about signs of compulsive online shopping. We highlighted some words in the article which might be useful to students during further discussion. They need to match them to their meanings given. There are words such as afford, guilty, severe, unreasonable, etc.


After reading the text, students have to discuss a few questions and express their own views on the topic. Next, they write five things people could do to fight shopping addiction. Finally, they share their ideas in pairs or groups, and choose the best five.


This worksheet goes well with our lesson plans:



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  1. Jessica 黎嵐芳

    My students love this lesson, thank you for the helpful materials!

    1. Justa

      Happy to hear that it’s useful 🙂


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