B1+Money vocabulary60 min 


This lesson plan on saving money is prepared for B1/B1+ students. Thanks to it, they will learn a lot of vocabulary connected with money, have a lot of opportunities to speak (including a quiz) and do listening comprehension tasks in an interactive video.


The warm-up part consists of two tasks. First, students need to complete the sentences with the correct prepositions (spend money on, borrow money from, cut down on, etc.). Then, students move to a short discussion. They have a list of different things we spend our money on and they need to answer a question: Where does your money normally go?


Next, students move to the quiz about spending habits. Their task is to read the quiz and match words and phrases in bold to their meanings. The vocabulary includes: charge, items, overspend, buy on impulse, etc. The idea behind this task is to pre-teach words and phrases that will later appear in the video. After that, they take the quiz and choose answers that represent their spending habits. When finished, they can also try to analyse what the answers they’ve chosen might say about their spending habits.


Before watching the video, students have some time to brainstorm ways they can save money in four different areas: shopping, home, transportation and entertainment. Then, they watch the video and answer the questions that will appear on the screen. Finally, this lesson plan on saving money ends with a short discussion and the consolidation of words learnt during the lesson. Therefore, students have to fill in the gaps with words from the box and discuss the given sentences in pairs. All the sentences concern saving money and the ideas presented in the video.




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