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In this lesson about Facebook’s metaverse, students learn and practise intensifiers while discussing positive and negative aspects of metaverse environments. The idea for the lesson about metaverse comes from one of our subscribers. Thanks, Dave! #yousuggestwecreate

B2 / Upper Intermediate45 minFlipped LessonUnlimited Plan

This is a Flipped Classroom lesson plan. In a nutshell, it means that the first part of the lesson needs to be done by students at home. Learn more about flipped classroom and how we implement it in these lesson plans in our post.


Adjectives and intensifiers & video

Before the lesson, students on their own complete a few vocabulary tasks. The first one consists of six sentences with six underlined adjectives. Students have to guess their meanings and match them to their synonyms (e.g. immersive – captivating, vivid – lively). Then, they read the same sentences again, but this time they  focus on the intensifiers before each of the adjectives (e.g. incredibly, remarkably, slightly) and rank them from the least to the most intense. They also come up with one more intensifier for each level of intensity. The next task gives students the chance to practise the intensifiers with adjectives while creating sentences about six things from a given list (e.g. holiday memories, online education, etc.). Afterwards, they watch a video about metaverse environments. Before watching it for the first time, students prepare their own definitions of the term metaverse. Then, they watch it again focusing on the answers to six questions.


Practising intensifiers

The in-class part starts with  a discussion on different aspects of the idea of metaverse. Then, students read a short text about Facebook changing its name to Meta and share their thoughts about it. Next, they watch four short excerpts about different aspects of life in a metaverse from the Meta (former Facebook) presentation (e.g. working, entertainment). After each video, they discuss a few questions. The last task in this lesson encourages students to further practise the intensifiers while reflecting on the topic of the lesson. They focus on other aspects of life (e.g. fashion, social life) and discuss the disadvantages as well as possibilities a metaverse environment might provide in these areas.



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  1. [email protected]

    I simply love it! Awesome lesson! My students really enjoyed it! Thanks for the great work you’ve done.

    1. Olia

      Thank you for your feedback!

  2. nataliachernova

    This is an amazing lesson plan with wonderful materials! My students were incredibly excited! Thank you!

    1. Olia

      Thanks, we’re happy to know that students like it:)

  3. Татьяна Молчанова

    You’re so unique ! Thank you for helping teachers to make their lessons effective, useful and interesting

    1. Olia

      Thanks! Always happy to help:)

  4. Natalia

    Very engaging materials!

  5. Sarah A

    I’m using this lesson today! Loved the idea I’m so excited to discuss it!

  6. Marcin Ratajczyk

    Too bad the comments are turned off on that Reuters video 🙂 They don’t want people to see how disquieting the idea really is! But other than good job on the material! I hope to be using it frequently as a conversational springboard in some of my more advanced classes.

    1. Olia

      Thank you! We hope your students find it engaging:)

  7. Raymond Prentice

    This is brilliant and at just the right level of challenge and interest for the group that I am teaching. Thank you!

    1. Olia

      That’s great, thanks:)

  8. Laura Maffeis

    Amazing lesson!

    1. Olia

      Thank you so much 🙂

  9. Yekaterina1421

    I gor subscription but materials aren’t opened. What should I do?

    1. Stan

      Hi! This lesson is available in the Unlimited subscription, and you have the Premium one, which means you don’t have access to this particular lesson. Of course, you can upgrade to the Unlimited plan. Alternatively, use the search and filters to just see the lessons available to you. Click this!

      1. Yekaterina1421

        thanks, Stan!

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