10 ways to have a better conversation

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Verb + preposition collocations


Teach your students new vocabulary, watch a cool TED talk and let them discover how to have better conversations using our ESL leson plan! The worksheet consists of a few warm-up questions, 2 vocabulary activities, listening comprehension and discussion part.

B2 / Upper Intermediate45 minStandard LessonPrintable & Digital$6 Plan


The worksheet kicks off with  a few warm-up questions to get students interested in the topic. Then, you move on to 2 vocabulary activities: the first one focuses on verb + preposition collocations, while the other on matching words with definitions. This is followed by a short speaking in pairs task (on the basis of new vocabulary).


This TED Talk focuses on ways to improve the quality of your conversations and increase your talking skills. Celeste Headlee’s extensive experience as a writer and radio host makes her a perfect person to teach us how to communicate with others. In her speech, she proposes 10 rules that everybody should follow to make their conversations better.

At the end, students have a chance to discuss the 10 rules proposed by Celeste and express their opinion about them.



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  1. Hi Thanks for the worksheet but I didnt really understand this question, it doesnt make sense.
    What kind of things are important to
    know how to talk and listen properly


    1. Yeah, it looks a bit awkward – I’m fixing it right away. Thanks for leaving a comment 🙂


  2. This looks great but the links to the worksheets are working.


    1. Thanks Elissa for your comment! We were correcting something in the worksheets two days ago and forgot to upload the updated ones.
      Already fixed 🙂🙂


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