B2 Idioms for expressing annoyance 45

Busy-bragging has become an element of every talk with friends, family and co-workers and a status symbol in modern society. People boast about being busy in a manner that resembles complaining. Often, they just want to say: “Can you see how important I am?”.

In this lesson, students will learn the ways to express their annoyance and talk about pet hates they have. First, they will discuss annoying things in modern life. Then, after watching a video, they will also have the chance to discuss the most annoying things connected with their workplaces. To help them collect some ideas, there is a short text that they have to complete with words given, and then discuss.

Language for expressing annoyance
Open-ended questions (comprehension)
Pair-work (life/business)






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    1. If it is a TED Talk, transcripts are available on TED.com. However, if it is a YouTube video, you can use the auto-generated transcript. Just click the ellipsis button () under the video and click Open transcript. Transcript will be displayed on the right from the video. Remember though that it is automatically created and more often than not it is far from perfect.


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