How to stand out at work

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Vocabulary - getting noticed

ESL lesson about work


The main objectives of this ESL lesson about work are to:

  • support opinions about employee promotion,
  • share experiences of getting noticed at work, 
  • practise vocabulary related to getting promoted, 
  • respond to information from a video. 

Students learn and practise vocabulary related to getting noticed at work (e.g. set apart, prove oneself, tough assignment). They watch a video with tips, discuss scenarios and say what they would do in some hypothetical situations. Students talk about being promoted in different types of companies and about strategies to stand out at work. 

B2 / Upper Intermediate60 minStandard LessonPremium Plan


In the warm-up task of this ESL lesson about work, students come up with three reasons why people want to get promoted. Then, they look at a word cloud and find words and phrases that meet certain criteria. Then, students use the words and phrases to complete questions. They also need to answer the questions. After that, students watch the video and list three pieces of advice mentioned. After the video, they discuss the advice and talk about being successful in their careers. 


In this part of this ESL lesson about work, students look at different situations and explain in which cases it is easier to stand out and have a successful career. Then, students look at some scenarios and correct the vocabulary mistakes in them. They also respond to the scenarios and decide what they would do. They need to explain their choices. Finally, students look at some statements about performance reviews and employee promotion and say why they agree or disagree with them. 


This ESL lesson about work also includes an additional task that you can use as homework or revision. In the task, students practise vocabulary from the lesson. The task is available in the teacher’s version of the worksheet. You can print it and hand it out to your students. It’s also included in the e-lesson plan.



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  1. Piotr Korona

    Hi, could you tell me what a verb “land” in the phrase: land an assingment means? I am confused by it.

    1. Iulia

      Hi Piotr!
      Thanks for asking:)
      When someone says they “landed an assignment,” it means they successfully got the assignment or task. It also implies that it might have been competitive or desirable to attain. So, “land” here means to successfully obtain.

  2. Kate Pankova

    There’s a question about “most people who don’t want to prove themselves and to be promoted”. I wonder where you got the statistics of people “not wanting” to get promoted. I would appreciate it if you could send the link if there’s some article.

    1. Iulia

      Hello, Kate! If we understand correctly, you’re referring to exercise 3, question 1. In this question, our intention isn’t to claim that most people don’t desire a promotion. Instead, we aim for students to share their personal perspectives on the matter. Some may believe that ambition drives most people to seek career advancement, while others may argue that pursuing a promotion brings unnecessary stress, and a peaceful life is a much better option. We view this as a thought-provoking question that can elicit a variety of viewpoints.


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