FOCUS Vocabulary: design
TIME 45 min + 17 min

The lesson plan is based on the TED Talk by Tim Brown titled “Designers – think big!”. The goal of the lesson is to talk about design and design thinking and how it can affect our lives.

First of all, students should do a word-formation task on vocabulary which is helpful during the discussions. Then, there are some general discussion points on design and students’ own ideas about well-designed products. Next, there are two exercises on words from the talk. The first one is a definition-matching task and the second deals with collocations. Then, students move to talk through the quotations from the speech. The last task makes students collect their own ideas how design can help is some areas of life. If possible, this task is great to be done in pairs as students can exchange their ideas.

The TED Talk itself is quite long – almost 17 minutes, so it is better to ask students to watch it at home. This lesson was created for Design students at the University of Arts so it resonated with their interests; however, there is not much professional language there so everyone who has some interest in tinkering, designing or finding solutions can like it.







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