Month in a Nutshell: April 2024

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April was a busy month for us here at ESL Brains! We’ve published fresh new lesson plans and added to our lesson sets. The team has covered all types of fascinating topics this month, from financial crime, to influencers, music festivals, and AI podcasts!

Take a look at the April lesson plans below and let us know which one(s) you liked most in this ➡️➡️ short survey ⬅️⬅️.

April in a Nutshell

We published 13 new worksheets💪, including:

FREE lesson plan:

PREMIUM+ lesson plans ($6+):

  1. Company roles

    A2 students dive into the world of different job roles! They practise relevant phrases, discuss personal experiences, watch a company promo video, and imagine starting a business.

  2. Financial crimes

    C1 students explore financial crime vocabulary, watch a video about money laundering, and analyse real cases of fraud. They also read a film synopsis, and discuss personal opinions.

  3. It’s your special day!

    With this fun lesson, A2/B1 students talk about celebrations and personal experiences. They discuss celebrating birthdays on a budget, and practise birthday-related phrases.
  4. This is why we have accents (pronunciation activities)

    Our free April lesson plan in the e-lesson plan format for teaching online.

UNLIMITED-only lesson plans ($12):

  1. Brave new influencers

    This C1 Flipped lesson lets students revise and practise advanced grammar, learn social media collocations, and have engaging conversations about AI influencers.
  2. Shopping experience

    An A2 Speaking lesson about shopping preferences and experiences. Students practise vocabulary, assess shopping situations, and watch a video about a department store.

  3. Spring is in the air

    A2/B1 students do various activities exploring spring vocabulary, phrasal verbs, and collocations. They also do a crossword puzzle, and give opinions on the season.

  4. Music festivals and other outdoor events

    In this Speaking lesson, B2 students discuss festivals and outdoor events. They read short texts, discuss festival tips, watch a video, and explore related technology and gadgets for such events.
  5. The things we want and the things we need (stative verbs)

    B1 students practice stative verbs by discussing self-expression. They watch an ad, compare stative and active verbs, and discuss preferences and personalities.

  6. Lone wolf or social butterfly? Understanding personalities

    This B2/C1 Speaking lesson explores personality types and changes, and revises descriptive adjectives. Students watch a video about birth order stereotypes and share opinions.

  7. Ace your next job interview

    This B2 Flipped lesson lets students practise job interview vocabulary, watch an advice video, talk about successful interviews, and learn about the STAR approach.

  8. The golden age of podcasting

    This B2/C1 CRC lesson explores technology and podcasts! After reading an article, students discuss AI use in podcasts, practise vocabulary, and imagine an AI-generated podcast.

  9. I keep it for luck (prepositional phrases)

    B1 students explore prepositional phrases in this fun lesson about important objects and keepsakes. They also read a short text, watch a video, create stories, and play a game

We hope you enjoy last month’s materials. Leave some feedback in the comment section under the lesson plan posts or drop us a line.🙂

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