Will Gen Zers make cash cool again?

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Vocabulary - money

talk about generations


In this lesson, students talk about generations and their approach to money, watch a video about Gen Zers and learn vocabulary related to the topic. 

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In the warm-up activity, students need to match five generations (Millennials, Baby Boomers, Gen Z, Gen Alpha, Gen X) with the time they were born in. Students also talk about generations: they discuss the things they associate with each of them and whether they think that the approach to money differs between each of them. Then, students read sentences about saving, spending and investing and have to match vocabulary (e.g. frugal, shell out on, rack up, hard-hit) with definitions. The vocabulary is later used in the video and in the second part of the lesson. Students also discuss to what extent they agree with the statements (e.g. The only thing banks can help you with is racking up debt that you’ll be paying off forever.) 


Before watching the video, students read some facts regarding finance and they decide which of them might be true for Gen Z. While watching the video for the first time, students decide whether the statements about Gen Z are covered fully or partly in the video. Then, they watch the second part of the video again and complete some notes about Gen Zers and cash: they need to list ways in which GenZer use cash, reasons why they prefer using cash, and facts for the trend of using money among GenZers. Finally, students talk about generations, especially Generation Z, and cash in depth. They share their knowledge about Gen Zers and compare Gen Zers’ approach to money to theirs. They also discuss what the future of cash might be and brainstorm the possible consequences of not keeping money in banks. 




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  1. Ann Yantsevich

    Awesome! The lesson provoked a lot of discussion. My students loved it 🙂 Thank you

    1. Inna

      Thank you for your feedback, Ann! We’re happy you enjoyed teaching this lesson! 🙂

  2. Aga Maj

    The video refers to tiktok videos about gen zs attitude to cash Have you seen any videos they refer to?
    I’m not a tiktok user and I was wondering what kind of stuff they’re talking about.

    1. Inna

      Thank you for your question! The thing is you don’t have to use TikTok to be able to use this lesson because the video describes this trend in brief and uses the results of surveys as well. If you want to take a look at more information regarding this, check out this article by the reporter from the video:


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