B2Vocabulary: career60

This lesson focuses on pursuing career and passions. It’s based on TED Talk by Larry Smith titled “Why you will fail to have a great career”. In the course of the lesson, students will learn collocations with the word career, discuss how to have a successful work-life balance and watch an amusing speech.

The warm-up part consists of three tasks. The first one teaches Ss various career collocations and their meanings, what follows is a short speaking task during which Ss will actively use new phrases. The third task is about cooperating and negotiating a shared result. The main part of the lesson is obviously watching/discussing a video by Larry Smith; however, before that Ss will learn some vocabulary from the video through a definition-matching task and try to use it in context by creating a sentence. The last part is a discussion on the topic of career and passion.

The lesson is designed for working adults or Human Resources specialists. But it can easily be used with young adults who haven’t started their careers yet (the TED talk itself was given to university students).


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