FOCUS Agreeing/Disagreeing
TIME 45 min + 15 min video

Equality at work is a controversial topic that has been widely discussed. Instead of focusing on how men discriminate against women at work, Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, looks at women’s actions and the society bias that prevents women from becoming business leaders.¬†

This worksheet is based on a TED talk “Why we have too few women leaders” by Sheryl Sandberg, that looks into the topic of work equality. During the lesson, students will learn the most challenging vocabulary from the video through a definition matching task, as well as identify and practice phrases used for agreeing and disagreeing. There are also three speaking activities that allow students to use new vocabulary and discuss main points of the TED talk and some commentaries to it.

While some may see the topic of gender equality as too controversial for English lessons, I believe that is an important issue that needs to be discussed. From my experience, students find this lesson engaging and it always leads to a hot debate.








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